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Nov 30, 2010

Why I would much rather go to NCAA Football games than NFL games

I would much rather go to NCAA Football games than NFL games.  Rick Reilly has a good article right here about going to NFL games:

The crowd at NCAA games is mostly alumni.  Which means they are smart (logical, rational, educated, respectful, etc.).  They don't act like morons and have the emotional stability of a 14 year old girl who just got dumped.  I know there are student sections at each NCAA game, but they are controlled and regulated (otherwise students get kicked out of school and lose all their tuition money).  Most fans at NFL games are lower class meatballs.  It's a terrible environment at NFL games.  It's rather unsafe and right now I would never take my son to a NFL game.

Also, NCAA games are on Saturdays so  you don't feel burned out going back to work on Monday.  You're not just going to visit a stadium, but a heritage and most likely a beautiful campus.  I would much rather get my son hooked on a fine learning institution than an environment that promotes debauchery and assault.  The NCAA experience is much much better than the NFL experience.  As well, tickets are less expensive, the environment is funner and safer, and you're not supporting a terrible environment.

The NFL has to make some big changes, and fast, otherwise they will limit their target audience to thugs and drunks.  Well...maybe that's their goal, soccer is the world's most popular sport after all...